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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Open And Closed Systems In Macroeconomics

Open And Closed Systems In MacroeconomicsA Closed system is a structure whereby boundaries that should not be exceeded are clearly defined. If there are any variables present within the system, they are also identified and defined (Hein & Stockhammer, 2011; Hein & Truger, 2007). To a certain extent the values of the variables should also be known. According to Hein and Stockhammer (2011), a closed system can also be referred to as an open model because all the exogenous variables are clearly defined and are known. Therefore, there is no change of environment in which the variables are operating in. According to classical economics, the main goal of any organisation is to attain economic efficiency (Hein &Truger, 2007). They conclude that initially, organisations operated within closed systems.

Thus, they were rational entities of economics. There are two characteristics that emerge when considering closed system economics. Closed systems are entirely deterministic and can be predicted (Hein & Stockhammer, 2011). It is easy to predict the outcomes in a closed system since the initial circumstances and incentives are well known. Classical economists developed the closed economic system (Hein & Truger, 2007). The main aim of coming up with the closed system was to eliminate the effects of the external environment in economic operations. Closed systems tend to follow bureaucratic stages set to carry out various activities (Gwartney, Stroup, Sobel & MacPherson, 2010).

In a closed system, the new Keynesian and new classical theories are placed within clearly identified boundaries of economics. The monetarist Keynesian arguments are classified as ideological and thus falling outside the economic realm . According to this model, an organisation should factor in the effects of the environment when managing its business . On the other hand, an open system is where there are no defined boundaries within the system, and any variables present are not defined nor explained (Hein & Truger, 2007). An open system is not an exact opposite of a closed system. This is because when there is one component that is not defined in a system, the system is categorised as an open system.

An open system is grounded on the biological aspect. In this system, elements cannot be easily determined nor predicted as there are uncertainties prevailing in the external environment (Gwartney, Stroup, Sobel & MacPherson, 2010).In the concept of an organisation, external factors affecting an open system can be beyond the control of the organisation (Gwartney, Stroup, Sobel & MacPherson, 2010). These external factors may include political influence, societal effects and ecological changes among others. However, this results into a very effective organisation.

Circular Flow
Inner and Outer Flows in a Closed System Circular flow is used to show how money flows within a complex economy. In the economy, various processes are involved such as households, governments, foreign agents and businesses. In a circular flow of money, we can think on two processes; one for business and the other for households. Production factors obtained by businesses include land, capital and labour. We find that business go to the factor market while households go to the goods market (Jespersen, 2009). Households use the income received as payments (wages and salaries) for services offered to business to purchase goods and services from other businesses. Conversely, businesses use the money received from households to buy factors of production they require. Thus, money flows in a circular motion within the economy (Gwartney, Stroup, Sobel & MacPherson, 2010).

For example, when a consumer is paid for the services he offered to a business, he uses the money to purchases a book from a bookshop. The bookshop uses the money received to buy printing papers or hire labour for editing books. This circular flow of money illustrates the flow of money within a closed system economy. Thus, in a circular flow of money only domestic exchanges are considered and no involvement of foreign agents is factored.

When the government, foreign agents or saving system are not involved in the economic system, there are usually no leakages in the system such as taxes (Hein & Stockhammer, 2011). In an open system, we find that businesses and households purchase their requirements both locally and internationally. When households purchase goods from international markets, taxes that flow into the domestic economy are charged (Jespersen, 2009). On the other hand, when businesses move to foreign markets seeking factors of production, they transfer rent and wages for services to the foreign markets. For example, when a book author from United States publishes his book in China, he creates a leakage in the domestic system.

Inner and Outer Flows in a Closed System
An open system considers the flow of money both domestically and internationally between countries. The demand for imports from a foreign economy consists of goods for investment, consumption of government goods. The import depends on income level, the interest rate among other factors. As highlighted by Mundell and Fleming, in an open economy, the export demand from a foreign economy depends on the currency exchange rate and the income level (Gwartney, Stroup, Sobel & MacPherson, 2010). Additionally, the same factors affect the domestic demand for imports into a country. This is because the exchange rate of the currency determines the foreign prices of the products.

Leakages and Injections in an Open System
Leakages also occur in the open system. According to Hall & Lieberman (2009), leakages occur when money flows from domestic households and businesses to foreign markets through taxes. For example, when an American company hires an employee from China, the wages paid to the employee creates a leakage within the economic system. However, Jespersen noted that leakages developing in an open system are considered as part of domestic economic activities and inject cash into the economy . This is because they bring money into the economic system from governments and households in foreign countries.

The government goes to the factor market seeking domestic factors of production such as labour, land and capital. It also goes to the domestic goods market seeking goods such as machinery, vehicles among others . According to Hall and Lieberman (2009), exports to foreign markets bring money into a country's economic system. This is because foreign countries purchase goods produced domestically using local factors of production. For example, when the US exports hotdogs to China, revenue is generated for the US exporting firm. On the other hand, the export tax charged by the government brings money into the economic system.

Another leakage in the open economic system is through the savings of the households (Hall & Lieberman, 2009). This can either be in the bank accounts or stock markets. In turn, the money flows to the financial sector and it is credited to other businesses or households. The households use loans to purchase goods such as vehicles, seats, mortgages among others (Jespersen, 2009). Alternatively, businesses use the loans they receive to purchase factors of production such as machinery. Therefore, the flow of money to the financial sector from households under the term savings is a leakage into the economic system.

Monday, December 10, 2018

Neuter Scooter Indiana - The Spay And Neuter Clinic That's Mobile

Neuter Scooter IndianaEver wished there was a mobile spay and neuter clinic that would come to you? With the mobile clinic offered from neuter scooter, Indiana residents are finding this is exactly what they have available to them.

A mobile spay and neuter clinic that travels through various states offering the surgery for neutering cats at the usual cost of around 50 bucks to have your cat neutered.

Of course that's assuming that the cat is your pet.

They also have discounts available in line with the popular trap-neuter-release programs, where they will neuter feral cats for $20, but for the majority of cat lovers they would probably bring the cat in a pet carrier, rather than a live trap that's required in line with the T-N-R discount they offer.

Without the live trap they'd assume the cats your pet.

Still, even at the cost for a mobile spay and neuter clinic, there's surely going to be a lot of people interested in the mobile services from "The Neuter Scooter. Indiana residents have this available to them and the mobile surgery is already being expanded to include other districts as well. Oregon is also being covered along side various others that continues to be expanded upon.

Here's a list of places currently being served by the neutering cats spay and neuter clinic by The Neuter Scooter -

and Ohio

This is animal welfare at it's finest. A group of highly skilled individuals providing a spay and neuter clinic on the go.

Doing their part for animal control.

For folks that may find it hard traveling to a veterinary clinic, this is going to be an invaluable asset to communities. It's also likely to benefit the states served by "The Neuter Scooter". Indiana being one place where feral cats are pretty much the norm. Thus the need for more neutering cats services to be both available and easily accessible to the public.

In my own opinion, this is what's needed. More neutering cats clinics being accessible and priced where folks can contribute to animal welfare in more ways than just making donations to animal shelters. This can only do so much and unfortunately is never enough to put an end to cats being euthenized.

The need for the public to get involved is becoming critical, and with the mobile clinical services being available now and continuing to expand their reach, it's going to be easier for communities to get involved in the animal welfare issue by participating and having their cat neutered.

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Michael HarbronAttended Spotify launched in the US

Michael HarbronAttended Spotify launched in the USSpotify, Swedens latest export has now launched in the US, with a welcome most modest. Apparently over one year in the making, the music service allegedly akin to Napster and Pandora is now accessible by invite only, shrouding further mystery into the music services plans across the pond. Whether it will be successful is another story, the launch in America has been over 2 years in the making and we have been teased with stories of launches for many months now, only to be delayed. Rumor has it that one particular label, we cant mention who, was a particular sticking point. A source adds this label nearly wiped everything off the table. Our founder was adamant wed be going ahead with or without them, but these guys are a major player. Trying to launch without these guys on board would be kinda embarrassing, for everyone!
Apple are also non too pleased about Spotifys attempt to gain notoriety in the US. Apparently they have been calling labels begging them not to be a part of the service, some may call threatening in fact!

Michael Harbron who recently deflected from Global Radio to set up Spotifys UK Business Solutions team officially commented on the launch Its a proud day for all Americans who can now access one of the globes most popular music streaming services. Initially we are offering the service on an invite only basis, but watch this space Unfortunately, he didnt tell us more.

Harbron joined Spotify over one year ago and has created a Business Solutions team focusing on Public Relations and Advertising agencies and has turned the team into a well oiled machine. It is understood that Harbron poached talent from Global Radio, much to the dismay of the groups Ed Chalmers who, allegedly we might add, called Harbron to advise him he should stop calling his staff.

Anyway, the new business solutions team seems to be in full swing. Advertising on the music platform seems to have increased phenomenally over the past 12 months and this can only have helped from Harbrons addition to the group. Our source stated that figures are now well into the 7 digit mark. Spotify has seen its scope of Advertiser change radically since its birth. With Starbucks, Xbox and various festivals spending money with the service, everything seems to be going quite well, and it needs to - The group recently reported a 2million paying subscriber base each paying 9.99 per month, this figure sounds very healthy indeed until you consider the reported 70% the group are paying out to Record Labels each month. This leaves subscriber revenue somewhat sparse, and so the advertising and PR team certainly should be ramping up their efforts.

One of the countries most successful and historic Recruiting agencies have just signed a deal with Spotify. Negotiated by Michael Harbron, Reed.co.uk are reported to have signed a six figure deal across 2010 to promote audio versions of their new Love Mondays campaign on the music platform.

For more information about Michael Harbron, please visit our website.

Friday, December 7, 2018


MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER WITH ONLINE BOOKSMany concerned people have said that education is all business; and it would not be wrong to agree with the statement keeping in mind the fact that admissions and later on the book required become so burdensome on the pockets of middle class people. However, one is compelled to buy them in spite of all of the problems for without those book it is impossible to get through college and post-graduates. However, there has come up Singapore online book stores, which have several options that a student of a book lover can ever dream of. In simple words, their page is sored with all kind of books which a student, if he has to look for it online would probably end up visiting different sites. It can be understood as the world of book in that sense. They have books for all kinds of people. Their options range from: online book, used text book, second hand books, school text book and EBooks textbooks. Apart from this one can even sell their used textbook or other books in their site. Not only do they provide all these options but their prices are also minimal and if needed one can easily compare the prices with other sites and notice that the books of all kind one will find in this book store, one wont find it elsewhere.
One can buy used textbooks or fiction books which are cheap and well-maintained from OLX.com and sell it in return once done with it. Otherwise, they also have other attached sponsors where one can easily sell and buy used books. Apart from buying and selling used books, people who want books for a shorter period of time for specific usage, like research or other purposes can rent those specific books. However, if one wants new books then this bookstore can easily provide you 100% new textbooks or fiction books.

Further, one can get all kinds of academic text books ranging from school level to post-graduate text books. Even in this category, one can either go for brand new text book, second hand or for rent. Apart from hard copies, if one has tablets or laptops one can also go for online books or e-book which is easier for students and fiction readers who like to read whenever and wherever they can. This is a fast growing trend and a number of students and workers have moved from buying books to online books. In another sense, it is an advantage on the part of humanity where there wont be any loss of trees to make paper for these books. Hence, this Singapore online store is becoming fast popular with their innumerable advantages that struggling students and workers alike can opt for instead of buying hard book.

For more information on online books,please read this article.

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Life Is Nothing Else But A Series Of Funny Paradoxes

Life Is Nothing Else But A Series Of Funny ParadoxesDefining paradoxes is not a simple task. These are statements or concepts that include contradictory ideas. Yet, often times, they are just a play on words; very confusing at first, but when deliberating about them they might become true statements, true by logic. There are no mathematical or logical formulas or definitions to solve them; hence, still many of them don't have generally accepted answers.

Funny Paradoxes

They are all around us. They got their source in words because the language we talk is one funny paradoxical tool, for example:

fresh cheese
do nothing
simple mastery
like unlikable
rightly wrong
left to stay
hell in paradise
fallen angel
drink responsibly
really fake
holy shit!, etc, etc, etc.

Funny language. Funny paradoxes. Funny philosophies. Funny people. Funny Industry. Funny Life. Paradox of Life.

We are born (because that's the only way out to exit the entrance!), we go to pre-school, then to school, perhaps even to university. We are taught essential life lessons, only to ignore and forget them at the time of learning and appreciate them later, near the end. We think about anything; just to keep us busy to think about something. We talk about ourselves, especially when talking about others. Desire-blinded by what life gives us, we dream of a prince/ss from a fairy tale. We, ordinary people, try to live like gods with our contaminated and infected souls with desires and wants of never ending needs and possesions. We have more of anything and less of everything. We adapt to the given to us formulas; like fools, we learn our system-shaped roles. And look, after so many years, we still get lost in our points of view. Are all the rhetorical questions answered already? It's a funny life; funny industry.

Funny Paradoxes

They all around us and within us. How many can you find in the following paragraph?

One moment in time

Pretty ugly, terribly good, girlishly looking boy, surely enough, once again, found missing his non-stop flight, his only choice to the OxyMoron City. Bad luck! All alone, clearly confused at this randomly-patterned practical joke, he reached simply difficult, preliminary conclusion that definitely maybe he is a big baby, unsung hero, according to his least favorite, but known public secret - objective opinion. Timeless moment! Acting naturally, but growing smaller like a little giant, a suicide victim of his dreamless inspirations, at the peak of his silent scream, with passive aggression, he shouted wordlessly at the hiding sun! - Genuinely fake, falsely true, typically unusual, a true story in this recorded live, seriously funny, virtual reality!

Paradoxes, aren't they funny or are they? Do funny paradoxes defy our minds, our knowledge, or even our wisdom? If they do dare our minds, they do, in some way, challenge us as well. Are we paradoxical human beings? Are we tangled up enough yet? Paradox of Life.

Everything written here is subject to a discussion More to come, definitely maybe.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Learn English Like A Child

Learn English Like A ChildYumi Imai, a Japanese student who learned English in Japanese schools, is frustrated. She has high scores on English tests, such as the TOEFL. She reads English well and has a large vocabulary. According to standardized tests- she is an advanced English learner. But she has a problem-- Yumi speaks English slowly, makes frequent mistakes, and struggles to understand native speakers.

Yumi does well on tests, but she can't communicate. Of course, she is not alone. All over the world, millions of English learners struggle with the same problems.

Most of these people learn English in the same way-- they study grammar textbooks, they memorize vocabulary wordlists, the do "speaking drills". Like Yumi, most students who use traditional methods do well on tests, but struggle to communicate.

A new movement in English education seeks to solve this problem. It's called the "Listen First" movement and teachers are getting powerful results with it.

Listen First was started by the late Dr. J. Marvin Brown. Dr. Brown noticed that "when people move to a new country the children will eventually speak the language like natives and the adults won't." The normal explanation is that children have a special talent that they lose as they grow up. Dr. Brown, however, believed that the differing learning methods of children and adults made the difference.

Dr. Brown noticed that when learning a language, children tend to focus on listening and often do not speak the language for up to a year. Adults, on the other hand, tend to force themselves to speak the language immediately. Dr. Brown believed this was the key practice that makes children such powerful language learners.

His Listen First method is now revolutionizing English language education. Listen First programs encourage students to focus 90% of their study time on listening activities. Students are also taught to never force speech, but rather to speak only when words come effortlessly.

The method is being used by David Long, president of "Automatic Language Growth", to teach English to students in Bangkok, Thailand. Long says, "The formula is Listen, Don't Speak, and Be Patient."

Listen First teachers advise students to focus solely on listening for a full year. They call this year the "silent period", though students may speak during this time provided their speech comes effortlessly.

Long is getting excellent results with the Listen First method. He says, "The students just listened for as much as a year without speaking at all. We found that adults get almost the same results that children do. If adults understand natural talk, in real situations, without trying to say anything, for a whole year, then fluent speaking with clear pronunciation will come automatically."

Yumi is convinced. She has traded her grammar books for an iPod and mp3 lessons. She says, "I don't care about test scores anymore, I just want to speak easily to native speakers."

Kitchen Organizers that are Ideal for Small Spaces

Kitchen Organizers that are Ideal for Small SpacesIf you find yourself shuffling aimlessly through drawers full of mismatched spatulas, egg slicers and garlic presses in search of a whisk, you may have a problem greater than a botched souffl. Fortunately, with thousands of fantastic kitchen organizers just a few mouse clicks away, there is hope for even the most clutter-prone and messy of home chefs. Here are some great products to extract the mess from your mess kit.

Under Sink Sliding Drawers

One of the most clutter-prone areas of any kitchen lies directly beneath the sink. Cut through a sea of half-empty years-old cleaning products, sponges and other supplies with a set of under sink sliding drawers. Featuring wire compartments specially sized to wrangle all your supplies, these simple yet effective drawers will keep all your products in order and save you the trouble of digging through the whole cabinet to find what you need.

Slim Slide Out Pantry

The clever kitchen organizer makes use of even the smallest spaces and a slide out slim pantry is the perfect opportunity to do so. Built to fit into some tight spots such as the space between your refrigerator and your cabinets, the slim slide out pantry is a great place to store canned goods, dry goods and more.

Under Shelf Rack

If you find yourself struggling to find a home for small items like boxes of sandwich baggies or saran wrap, an under shelf rack is the perfect solution. Able to slide onto just about any shelf, these racks create a new storage area for items that just do not fit in. For larger spaces, multiple racks can be combined to create a whole new section of shelving with no tools in seconds.

Spice Stack and Spice Clip Set

Adventurous cooks have a knack for accumulating healthy collections of exotic spices and those spices have a knack for taking up space. If you have been dealing with a sea of aromatic powders and flakes, a spice stack can save you lots of space and time. With separated compartments just the right size to accept most spices, the spice stack stores your favorite flavors on their sides in handy pull-out drawers.

The Spice Clip Set alternatively keeps all your spices in plain view, each attached to the back of any cupboard door with handy clips. You will never need to forgo the flavor in any experimental dishes again with such a well-arranged arsenal.

Adjustable Door Rack

Do not let any nooks or crannies go to waste in your quest to organize your kitchen. Another prime yet discreet spot for expanding your storage capacity is behind a closet or basement door with an adjustable door rack. With the capacity to hold shelf after shelf of canned, boxed and other items, these versatile racks slip quickly over any door top to extend your pantry instantly.

Pan Tree and Pot Lid Holder

One of the most commonly troubled areas of any kitchen is the pot and pan cupboard. If clanging through a pile of jumbled pots and pans of all sizes and types in search of just the right pot is a part of your pre-dinner ritual, you may consider the pan tree a lifesaver. Made of durable plastic, the pan tree can fit into most cabinets and can accommodate 14 pieces of cookware on its convenient hooks and racks.

Once your pots and pans have found their proper homes, it is only fitting to give their respective lids a well-arranged place to call their own. A good pot lid holder can install easily on the back of your pot and pan cupboard door and keeps all your lids right where you need them in thoughtful bins.

Shelf Pot Rack
Another great storage solution for errant pots and pans employs vertical space. A shelf pot rack doubles as a small shelf and a place to hang cookware so that your favorite pans will always be on display and within reach. Shelf pot racks come in many sizes to match your needs and install quickly directly into drywall without requiring a stud.

Stackable Recycling Bins

When space is limited in the kitchen, every little bit helps. One indispensible space hog in the kitchen that could benefit from a little intelligent design is the recycle bin. Stackable recycling bins, however, make it possible to banish that ugly municipal recycling to the garage permanently. Featuring a sleek, odor reducing design and color-coded labels, you can stack as many bins as you need to separate all your recyclables before trash day.

With a few thoughtful and innovative organizers and gadgets, you'll be ready for any culinary occasion at a moment's notice, and best of all, with no mess! So, get your mouse to clicking and straighten up your kitchen today!

Annamarya Scaccia is a freelance writer who writes about kitchen organizers .

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Is My Wife Cheating - 4 Signs that your Woman is cheating

Is My Wife Cheating - 4 Signs that your Woman is cheatingYou may be suspecting that your wife is cheating on you, but you are not completely sure just yet. For this reason, you may not be ready to confront her about her unusual ways. Thats okay...before you accuse someone of something; you need to make sure your suspicions are valid. Looking out for the following signs your wife is cheating on you will help you decide whether or not to have the unwanted confrontation with her.
1. Your wife begins to resist your affection, and possibly even sex. Most women love to kiss, hug, and cuddle, and if your wife, who once enjoyed those activities, no longer seems interested in doing them with you, then she may very well be doing them with someone else. The sexual relationship between the two of you may start to decline as well if she is cheating.

2. She begins starting arguments with you, particularly over little things. This is because she wants her affair to be your fault, so if she feels you are causing it, the guilt wont be as bad. These fights can also begin because shed much rather be with her other man than you, but yet you are still her husband. Having to come home is necessary so you wont suspect shes cheating, even if its the last thing she wants to do.

3. Watch out for new jewelry appearing on her body. If she starts wearing a new, expensive looking necklace that she swears she bought for herself, she may be lying. Especially if there is no evidence that she used a check or credit card for the purchase. True, she could have used cash, but its unlikely if you know she rarely carries money on her.

4. An unusual phone activity is one of the best ways to tell if your wife is cheating. If she is having frequent late night chats behind a closed door, it may not be friends or family shes talking to, especially if she hangs up when you enter the room. This also holds true if her text messaging increases, or if she becomes hesitant to let you use her cell phone.

These are just a few of the signs to watch for if you think your wife is cheating on you. There are others, and your wife may be very good at hiding her activities, especially if it has been going on for a while. The only thing you can do is be on the lookout for unusual behavior, or confront her about your fears. Is She Really Cheating On Me? Find Out!

Friday, November 30, 2018

Importance of Business Administration Course

Importance of Business Administration CourseAre you looking for an opening as fresher in the field of business administration? Or do you already have many years of experience in this field and are now looking to expand your horizons and climb up the corporate ladder? Then the way to go is the certificate III in business administration.This course gives you both the theoretical knowledge and the practical skills that will help you get ahead and stay on top of your game in the field of business administration. What you will take away from this course is not just bookish knowledge but also the self-confidence to coordinate a team of people or manage different tasks across different departments in a typical office setting.

Benefits of doing a business administration course

A business administration course is essential in todays world where knowledge and skills alone are not enough to get ahead. A professional certificate can open previously closed doors for you. The increasing use of technology has also made it necessary to learn new skills that may not have been crucial to know a few decades ago. By learning this course, you get to upgrade and update your skills to match with the evolving world of business.

The new skills that are needed are applicable in different departments of different industries. You will learn all about management and administration and gain new skills which can be transferred across different departments. From customer service to financial documentation and software applications, this course covers it all.

Job profiles for those who have completed certificate III in business administration

There are a wide variety of roles open to those who have completed this professional certification course. Some of them are as follows:

Junior personal assistant
Office administrator
Assistant to office administrator
Accounts receivable clerk
Accounts payable clerk
Data entry operator
Word processing operator

What you get after doing the course

This course will be a stepping stone in your career in business administration. Previous graduates of the course benefitted from greater benefits on the job, higher salary, and consideration for in-house training and promotions.

Statistics show that more than 30% of unemployed people who did the course were successfully employed by the end of it. The average salary of those who started their jobs with this certificate in hand was also significantly higher than those without a certificate.

What is in the business administration course

The course includes different modules for developing different skillsets. This includes keyboarding, knowledge about health and safety, process accounts both payable and receivables, ledger maintenance, schedule organization, electronic presentations preparations, spreadsheets generation, text documentation designing and creating, customer service, customer complaint resolution, working in diversity, and maintenance of business resources.

There are also many elective units that encompass finances, IT, administration, writing, customer services, information management, intellectual property management, sustainability, using business technology, effective workplace organization and time management skills, interpersonal communication skills, working offsite and onsite, etc.

Different industry sectors where the certificate is eligible

This certificate is applicable across a wide range of industries, ranging from agriculture, community services, construction and property, education support and administration, financial services, government administration, human resource management, information and telecommunications, public administration, utilities services, transportation, warehousing, purchasing and procurement, etc.

A course in business administration is the key to a career in business administration that opens the doors to many other job opportunities. This certificate is recognized all over the country, which means you can easily get a job anywhere in the country with this certificate. It is a surefire way to both career progression and long-term security, providing financial benefits and a fulfilling career that increases your standard of living.

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Iconic Philippine Destinations You Can Recreate Near Manila

Iconic Philippine Destinations You Can Recreate Near Manilaby Julia Escano - Ellry Writer

The Philippines is gorgeous, no argument there. Because of that, its not hard to get overwhelmed when planning for trips especially when it involves picking a spot amongst 7,107 beautiful islands and the logistics that involves. Between that, busy workdays, and limited time, sometimes we arrive at our destination more tired about the journey than excited to be there. But what if we told you that you didnt have to go through all the headaches of trip-planning just to see some of the iconic spots in the country?

If you have limited time or a limited budget, but just want to go out there and explore, there are great spots near Manila that more than just suffice. Thanks to these spots, you can experience some of the most iconic Philippine destinations, just two or three hours away. Perfect for weekend warriors and budget adventurers!

Bangui Wind Farm, Ilocos Norte vs. Pililla Wind Farm, Rizal

Where Ilocos Nortes famous windmills stand in line the ocean, Rizals counterpart bores down on you from tall ridges of winding hills and sprawling earth. Located in Barangay Halayhayin, Pililla, Rizal, these 27 wind turbines are segmented into three clusters throughout a loop accessible via Manila East Road or Barangay Sampaloc, in Tanay, Rizal. The whole loop was only opened in turbines are segmented into three clusters throughout a loop accessible via Manila East Road or Barangay Sampaloc, in Tanay, Rizal. The whole loop was only opened in September 2015 when construction of the turbines was completed. While these windmills are set in a different landscape from those of Bangui, its still pretty cool to see the towering structures lined up against the sky. Its a two-hour drive from Manila though its also becoming a popular route for biking.

Paoay, Ilocos Norte 44 vs. Mt. Pinatubo, Zambales 44

Do you like rough rides? The sand dunes of Paoay and La Paz, Ilocos Norte, are famous for unique adventures only the desert can give, like sand-boarding. But one of the favorite tourist activities in this area 44 rides is also doable a mere 2 hours or less from the metro. Mt. Pinatubo is perhaps one of the countrys most popular adventure destinations near Manila. Of course, the 44 rides on Mt Pinatubo are usually packaged with a hike to the crater, so you better be prepared for some physical work as well. The Pinatubo 44 journey is also rougher, thanks to giant boulders, crossing streams, and the ever-changing lahar. But we think that only makes it more exciting.

Calaguas Island vs. Cagbalete Island, Quezon

Between all of the countrys islands, there is no shortage of white-sand beaches and crystal clear waters. But while many feel the need to fly to the likes of Gigantes Island, Iloilo or Calaguas Island, Camarines Norte, there are countless hidden gems lying just two to three hours from Manila in the province of Quezon. Cagbalete Island is one such gem. Its a privately owned island with its own stretch of pristine shores and gorgeous waters. Like Calaguas, its also a great spot for camping and roughing it a little. It also offers more activities than just beach bumming. Cagbalete is also a great spot for hiking, horseback riding, and even bird watching. The best part is, thanks to its remote location, its a white sand beach near Manila that still isnt getting a throng of tourists making it a truly great escape.

Balicasag, Bohol diving vs. Apo Reef, Mindoro

Both Balicasag, Bohol and Apo Reef, Mindoro are world-famous dive spots where SCUBA enthusiasts the world over flock to experience vast coral reefs and rich wildlife. The main advantage of Apo Reef if youre a Manileo is that you dont need to fly to get there. Compared to Bohol, Mindoro where Apo Reef is located is a destination near Manila enough to make it a weekend getaway. It may take a few more hours than Bohols plane ride, but it will certainly save you a lot of cash you can use on your diving instead. Apo Reef is the second largest contiguous coral reef system in the world, and is a great spot to see pawikan, sting rays, sharks, and other pelagics apart from beautiful coral reefs.

Vigan Heritage Town, Ilocos Sur vs. Taal Heritage Town, Batangas

Vigan is a town in Ilocos Sur famous for its beautifully preserved Spanish colonial houses and buildings, mostly centered around Calle Crisologo. Many love to travel here to get a feel for our heritage and get in touch with the old world. But what many do not know is that this can be experienced just two hours from Manila, in Taal, Batangas. Taal may be a small town, but its old Spanish houses are well-preserved as well. Taking a walk through its narrow streets, lined with historic houses can take you back in time. Also, many of Taals residents were patriots and revolutionaries who took part in creating our republic. Thus touring Taal isnt just a walk back in time, but a way to get in touch with our heroes as well.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

How To Write Engaging Content For Mens Health And Wellness Blogs

How To Write Engaging Content For Mens Health And Wellness BlogsCreating engaging content is key to attracting new readers and subscribers to any health and wellness blog.

There isnt a single blueprint that you can use to know how to write engaging content for your blog. Developing a blog that engages users and attracts a large audience of loyal readers isnt a simple or quick process.

You need to develop your own writing voice and style that you feel comfortable with. And yet, this doesnt mean there arent any principles or tips that can help you create engaging content for your blog.

To find out more about how to write engaging content for mens health and wellness blogs, keep reading.

1. Creating Great Content Matters

There are many aspects that contribute to creating engaging content on health and wellness blogs. In the saturated world of blog writing, the principles of great design and social marketing techniques, such as SEO (search engine optimization), can give your blog the edge.

And yet, this all counts for nothing if you dont produce engaging and quality written content. The single thing that guarantees readers to return back to your blog is great content. If you concentrate your efforts on getting online users to click on your links, you dont want to leave them disappointed by what they find.

2. Positive Thinking

Living a health and wellness lifestyle isnt easy for many people.

The guys reading health and wellness blogs want to leave your blog motivated and inspired. This means that positive thinking has to be at the heart of everything you write.

If you dont provide engaging content that gives your readers the strength to keep up the healthy diet they recently started, or the fitness regime they are experimenting with, they will soon find another blog to read.

3. Develop a Niche

There are many mens health and wellness blog around. Its essential that you work to establish a niche for your blog so that you stand out from the crowd.

This can be focused on anything from free testosterone levels to the most nutritional fruits and vegetables.

Many people assume that developing a niche involves narrowing your readership. But this doesnt have to be the case if you choose your niche wisely.

Find a subject within health and wellness that youre knowledgeable and passionate about. After youve posted a few articles on your niche subject, you can either expand beyond the niche, or work to dominate your subject.

4. Get Your Readers to Trust You

Many bloggers produce engaging content but find that they are failing to attract readers. This is often because they havent established a sense of trust between themselves and their readers.

Ask yourself why should someone trust what I am saying about the best diet to lose weight?

If your readers feel that youre always promoting a product, or that youre not writing honestly, they may stop visiting your blog.

You can avoid this by only promoting products that youve tried out yourself. And also, only do this some of the time. This way when you do choose to promote a product on your blog, your readers are more likely to trust you and purchase the product.

Another important principle to producing great content is to write with honesty and passion. People can easily recognize it when youre not being truthful. Writing with honesty means that readers are able to relate to what youre saying in your blogs.

Many bloggers gain the trust of their readers by opening up channels of communication, such as on Facebook or Twitter, between themselves and their readers.

5. A Consistent Message

Once you establish loyal readers, you need to make sure you always convey a consistent message.

For example, you may have visitors that are attracted to your low-carb message. If you switch the next week to a low-fat message, youre likely to lose readers.

This doesnt mean that you cant change your mind. But if you change your mind on a topic that youve previously blogged on, make sure you explain to your readers the reasons for your change of heart.

6. Keep up to Date

Even if you think you know everything about a particular subject, do your research, check your facts and make sure youre up to date on everything.

The most successful bloggers on mens health and fitness frequently attend seminars and lectures, read books and magazines, and listen to radio and podcast shows to make sure theyre at the forefront of the industry.

If youre still blogging about a topic that people were talking about a few years ago, youre not going to go very far in the blogging world.

7. Write in a Language Your Reader Understands

The best blogs are written in a simple and clear style that anyone can understand. Users dont read your blog to feel like they did in school.

Many mens health and wellness blogs use technical or scientific language and jargon to communicate with their readers. This is usually about showing that they are knowledgeable about human biology or nutrition.

However, if you want your readers to relate to you, its important to write in the language that the common reader would understand.

Health and wellness blogs arent directed at health experts. Instead, youre writing for ordinary people who want to be healthy and happy.

Writing Mens Health and Wellness Blogs

Writing engaging content for your health and wellness blog is always a challenge. However, by adopting the above techniques you can make sure you can start attracting new visitors to your blog.

For more information about how to create engaging content to grow your blog, sign up with us today for content marketing advice.

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How To Write An interesting Introduction

How To Write An interesting IntroductionWhat is an Introduction?

Introduction is an opening paragraph of an essay or research paper. It gives an idea about the title or the focus of a piece of writing. It should be designed in an attractive manner in order to grab the attention of the readers.

Introduction is an important section of an essay or a paper but writing an introduction does not involve any specified rule or a general formula. Here is a brief guideline on how to make an introduction more appealing for your readers.
A Guide to Grab the Attention of the Readers
First Sentence that Sizzles

Most often, magazine articles or newspaper columns are written in this manner. The first sentence or sentences of an introduction should be attractive enough to capture the attention of the readers. You can start an introduction with a quotation or thought provoking ideas about the subject. This raises the level of curiosity in the readers and you can easily pull them in.
Clear the Central Idea of the Paper

Introduction should be written in a way that it clearly depicts the central idea of the paper. After going through this section, readers should not have any doubt about the main idea of the paper.
Establish the Importance of the Topic

To take complete hold on the readers, you should also highlight the importance of the topic in an introduction. Constructing a successful introduction, you should tell the significance of the topic.
Introduction is a Preview of the Thesis Statement

Introduction is, basically, used to prepare the readers for further discussion and analysis as enclosed in the later parts of the essay. It also gives the recognition of the thesis statement.
Some More Tips for Writing Introductions

Here are some common mistakes that are most often made by young scholars or researchers while writing an introduction. These are briefly mentioned here,

An introduction should not introduce the detailed background of the topic. However, a brief description can be enclosed for readers recognition to the topic or thesis statement.
It is preferable to write an introduction that offers the significance of the topic in order to grab the attention of the readers. Introductory paragraphs should never be too long. Half page paragraph or little more than that can be enough for quality writing.
It is also a wise option to start an introduction with your own remarks instead of a standard dictionary definition.
Grand generalization should also be prohibited in the first section of your paper. Basically, grand generalizations give rise to irrelevant, unnecessary and uninterested details which add poor quality to any essay or research paper.

Although there is no rigid formula for writing a good introduction but we can see that there are several tips and guidelines we can easily adopt to produce quality results. We can easily go through introduction examples that are available online and offline.

Author's Bio: 

Nadia Ansari has posted this article. Visit writing tips to read more about introductions writing.

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How to Write Amazing Hair Descriptions

How to Write Amazing Hair DescriptionsTrying to describe a character can be one of the biggest challenges of writing. Lets say you have a character who is loud and brash. You may know that, but saying, Jackson was a loud, brash man, doesnt make for an engaging story.

So how do you talk about who a character is without talking about who a character is? One of the best ways to do that is through hair descriptions. It may seem strange, but describing a character through their hair can be powerful.

Maybe theres a proud landlord who has some super hair pieces hiding in his closet. Maybe theres a little girl whose dirty, matted hair tells you everything you need to know about her life.

No matter who the character is, describing their hair in the right way can add amazing depth to your story. Read on to learn about more great ways to describe hair in your story.

Make It Describe the Character

The first and most important thing you want to do when talking about a characters looks is make sure they arent just that looks. Every aspect of a character should tell you something about them. If you show the reader what a character is like through what they look like, you wont have to tell them later.

For instance, lets say youre writing about a warrior woman who worries about her fathers expectations and wishes she could be gentle as well as fierce. When this woman is in battle or around her father, shell have her hair pulled back into a tight braid. Shell have discipline, and there wont be a hair out of place.

But when shes on her own, shes likely to let her hair fall down loose. She might worry about anyone else seeing it down. But shell take good care of it and keep it clean and strong.

You see, in a few sentences, weve given the reader a sense of this characters deepest fears and desires without talking about them. Showing what the character is like in this way, rather than telling the reader makes the reader connect with the character and will help your story flow. Hair descriptions can be an important part of this.

Use All Five Senses

When describing hair, the instinct of a lot of writers is to only describe the way it looks. It makes sense. Unless it is your own hair, its likely that youll only ever look at hair, rather than experiencing it with all five senses.

For a character, you want to make sure the reader had as much sensory detail as possible. (A note here: make sure you work these details into the story. You dont want to pile a bunch of descriptions on a reader all at once.)

When youre describing hair, make sure to use all five senses. Lets go back to our warrior woman example. We know that when shes around people, her hair will have tight braids, perhaps so tight its pulling at her scalp. When shes alone, it will look soft and shiny.

Her hair will also probably feel soft, like silk or water running over your hands. When shes in battle, her hair may smell like sweat, blood, or even smoke. When she moves, her braid may smack against her armor, or it may whisper when she takes it out of the braid.

Using all your senses to describe how a characters hair looks will give the reader a richer experience of that character. Again, be sure to work these details into the story naturally. But youll find yourself with a much more captivating story for including those descriptions.

Describe How It Moves

One of the most common ways to describe hair is by how it moves. And its no surprise. Showing how a characters hair moves can help inform a lot about them.

Once again, lets look at our warrior woman. Her braid may jut out from the base of her neck stiffly. When shes fighting, it may whip around behind her. The end of it could flick like a lions tail when shes stalking towards an enemy.

When she has her hair loose, though, this characters hair may flow down her back. It may cascade over her shoulders and cover her face. It could hang in dripping strands when its wet.

The way a characters hair moves can be an extension of the way they themselves move, and that can inform a lot about them. Again, show who your character is through how they carry themselves. That will carry over to the way their hair moves, and your reader will have a better picture of who your character is.

Dont Forget the Body Hair

When youre describing a characters hair, it can be easy to forget their body hair. Granted, this is less likely to come up in normal descriptions than head hair is. But it can be a powerful tool to set a scene when it does.

For example, our warrior woman might come out of a fiery battle to find her eyebrows singed. Her eyebrows could even be thick and straight. When theyre furrowed or knit, those close to her might know that its time for them to get out of her way.

Or if she sees a friend fall in battle, all the hair on her arms might stand up. She might feel the hairs on the back of her neck prickle if someones watching her while she has her hair loose. Or she could have to wash the blood and sweat out of her leg and armpit hair after a fight.

Body hair descriptions will be sparingly used. But in the right places, they can add yet another dimension to your readers experience. You want to use every tool at your disposal to immerse the reader in the story, and body hair descriptions can be one of those tools.

Writing Powerful Hair Descriptions

For many people, their hair is a huge part of their outward identity. Think about how good you feel about yourself when you get a great new haircut. That same sense of identity tied to hair carries over to your characters, as well.

Using hair descriptions to talk about a character can be a powerful way to immerse the reader in who this person is. Follow the tips above, and youll have an amazing character ready to guide your reader through the world youve created.

For more interesting articles like this one, visit the rest of our site at LaTeet. We have articles on amazing science, interesting places, useful tips, and more. Visit us today for your small dose of interesting.

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