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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Different Types of Customers Your Support Team Comes Across

Different Types of Customers Your Support Team Comes AcrossWhen your support team interacts with so many customers, they need to remember that they will not be able to keep them all happy and satisfied. Whether its a customer who had a bad day, which is causing them to be rude to you or a customer with very high expectations, your agent can not help them all. The key point is for your support team to learn to empathize with them no matter how they talk to you and try helping them as much as possible, ending the matter with everyone being satisfied.

In order for you to prepare your agents for these type of difficult customers, we will be taking a look at a few examples. The most common type is the aggressive customer, if your agent does something wrong or the product is defective, instead of telling or talking to your agent about it first, the customer will threaten to file a complaint, spread it on social media and take out all their anger on your support agent, who may not be at fault. They would be least interested in hearing the other side of the story from your agent. If such a case arises, your agent should know that they need to stay calm and positive, not show any signs of aggression which can lead to worsening the matter at hand. They should try understanding the customers frustration by being empathetic and wait until they have cooled down. Then take that opportunity to apologize and find out a reasonable solution which will satisfy them. Your agent should be strong enough to not be affected by hurtful words, which can hinder their decision making. This is the best way to deal with such a complicated and overwhelming situation.

The second type of customer your support team will come across is; the impatient one. This customer will not wait at all after messaging your agent, if they do not respond quickly, the will put up bad reviews and ruin your companys reputation. This customer will not care about the fact that you have more customers to deal with as well. All customers do deserve a quick response, but they still have to wait for at least a few minutes, but giving top priority to an impatient customer is not the right thing to do either. To deal with such a customer, your agent should explain to them why it is taking so long to reply and if possible, refer him to a colleague who is free.

Then comes the vague customer, this type of consumer is not sure what they want, so it makes it difficult for your support team to understand what they want. They give a vague answer or description and sometimes they know what they are looking for, but are not good at telling the agent. For this type of situation, your agent needs to know how to help them out, without wasting precious time. Such customers often are not aware of the fact that they are extremely vague and unclear. To get the right answer out, your service agent can ask them questions leading to specific answers, this will speed up the process of determining what they want.

The last consumer you face is the complaining customer, who is not satisfied either with your service or your product. For this, your agent should immediately apologize, even if there is no fault from your side or if your agent is still unaware of where the problem started from. Then try resolving the matter within a single interaction, so that they are calmed down quickly.

With this information you will be able to train your agents better, resulting in an improved customer service experience for everyone. However, only knowing about these types of customers is not enough to turn your customer support system into the best one. You need to provide your agents with the right tools, through which they can gradually show progress, helping your bottom line. Kayakos help desk software is excellent for helping your agents reduce their workload and increase productivity.

Monday, October 15, 2018

Crowdfunding campaign launched for book on using Tai Chi to learn golf

Crowdfunding campaign launched for book on using Tai Chi to learn golfWest Palm Beach, Florida A new Kickstarter campaign has launched that seeks to use the ancient martial art of Tai Chi to bridge the gap between technical golf training and the mental aspects of the game.
Duane Smith, a master practitioner of the Yang long form of Tai Chi, is seeking to raise $50,000 on Kickstarter to fund the development, publication and distribution of The Tai Chi of Golf, which will draw on his years of experience teaching Tai Chi and his experience assisting new golfers. The campaign runs through March 11.

Smith, a senior staff member for Player Assistance at Osprey Point Golf Course in Boca Raton, Florida, and an aspiring candidate to become certified as a PGA teaching professional, has been using the principles of Tai Chi to help new golfers master the sport for more than three years. During that time, hes seen the way the two can meld and benefit players of all skill levels.

Each type of student derives benefit from a different aspect of the methodology, he said. Beginners will achieve correct alignment, flowing movement and efficient stroke production. Advanced golfers, on the other hand, will benefit most from the practice of breath control, improved clarity and focus, and the mastery of intent.

The campaign is offering several different rewards for backers pledging $25 or more. At that level, backers will receive a copy of the book. A $50 pledge gets the backer a golf cap or golf shirt embroidered with the Tai Chi of Golf branding. At the $250 level, Smith is offering up to 20 backers an hour of Tai Chi of Golf training.

The sessions will be based both on the book and Smiths work with students. The lessons include instruction in the Yang long form of Tai Chi along with golf drills based on selected movements and postures from the form.

Smith said he sees an major opportunity for his instructional materials in China.

The growth of the sport of golf there is exponential, he said, and the principles of Tai Chi have been in the culture for thousands of years. Chinese translations of the materials developed is important part of the project.

The money raised by the campaign will be used toward that end, along with finalizing publication details and developing training videos and related merchandise. Smith also plans to speak with public relations agencies that specialize in golf, in order to market the training effectively.

More information about the Kickstarter campaign is available at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1695096523/the-tai-chi-of-golf


Duane Smith

The Tai Chi of Golf

Address: 1200 Scotia Dr. Suite 304, Lantana, FL 33462

Phone: 305.343.0863

Email: taichi4golf@gmail.com

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Common Mausoleum Issues and Remedies

Common Mausoleum Issues and RemediesMausoleums, in general, tend to be beautiful buildings, standing as stately monuments to the loved ones who are layed to rest in them. These ornate buildings, commonly adorned with bronze and gold accents, marble columns and stained glass windows, are designed and assembled to mirror a sense of dignity, serenity, and peace. There are two common complications with many mausoleums, however, which, undesirably, rob the serene and peaceful quality from the families of the interred, and make a mockery of the deceased bodies. These two conditions are mausoleum smells and coffin, or phorid flies.

Mausoleum smells are from the decomposition process, which occurs naturally as the body undergoes the decaying process. Morticians frequently call the offending bodies, "leakers". These mausoleum odors can be terribly overwhelming, and as a result of the embalming chemicals and the gases coming as a result of decomposition, they can coupled with that pose a health hazard to workers and visitors.

The second challenging issue that is prevalent for most mausoleums is the phorid or coffin fly. These terrible pests are about one fourth the size of the average house fly, and while they're in the larval stage of growth, coffin flies feed on the decomposing bodies within the crypt spaces. When they emerge from the casket as mature flies, they also pose a dreadful risk in spreading disease when they land. Frequently, they are in search of moisture, and it is very common for them to fly into the eyes, nose and mouths of visitors or workers in the structure. The flies tend to be so small that a lot of folks confuse them as gnats, and insiders in the mausoleum business do not want visitors to find out the reality about exactly where the flies are emerging from.

This is what one visitor to a mausoleum in Glendale, California had to say, "Possibly the most shocking of all is the Mausoleum. I stepped inside and knew immediately something was wrong. There the temperature inside the complex was around 80 degrees. I heard what sounded like insects swarming in one of the walls many of the vaults have had leakage problems where they have sealed them with shower caulk. As I scanned the flashlight around the room, I saw horrible damage. There was a discolored substance that ran from the marble plates down to the floor."

The good news is, you can find options to battle both mausoleum odors and coffin flies. For decades, most inside the industry have tried to utilize deodorizing sprays, chemical pest control, fly papers, and large fans to cover the odors and to try to manage the phorid fly infestations. These sprays and chemicals, etc. have frustrated mausoleum caretakers and other employees, because they are generally ineffective, and in addition, they develop into a health hazard in the structure, creating a noxious environment that's harmful to employees and visitors alike. An additional remedy is an electronic unit that mausoleums utilize to neutralize odors and to deal with the coffin flies, which from industry claims, is likely to make the task less difficult for the mausoleum proprietors and staff because it is effective at controlling the flies and will completely get rid of odors on a nightly basis while the building is vacant. Using the electronic method, there is additionally the security in knowing that there aren't any harmful toxins being spread throughout the building, which makes for a "eco-friendly" solution which is a great deal more healthy for personnel and guests.

Why not help preserve the dignity, peace and serenity for the passed and for their families, and help keep these beautiful structures as the memorials that they were designed to be. We grieve at the losing of a loved one; there is certainly no reason to have to perpetually suffer when paying respects. If you happen to be in a mausoleum and you observe the little coffin flies or if you smell any foul odors, without delay register a written grievance with the mausoleum owner and with the Funeral Consumers Alliance,or in the case of a Catholic cemetery, to the church, or the office of the local bishop.

Chris Zikmanis is the creator of Dignity Angels, an advocacy group which is devoted to encouraging a degree of reverence to honor our fallen relatives at or near the graveside. Should you require assist resolving cemetery or mausoleum problems, please contact Dignity Angels. http://DignityAngels.co.cc/

Friday, October 12, 2018

Choosing The Right Fancy Dress For A Memorable Night

Choosing The Right Fancy Dress For A Memorable NightGoing to a costume-themed party is an exciting experience in life because you will get to wear a costume or fancy dress which characterizes your favorite superhero or fairy tale. Choosing the right fancy dress for the event will turn the experience a memorable night of your life. This could be your moment to shine and get noticed by wearing a fancy dress that will enhance your beauty and at the same time make you the star of the night.

The fancy dress that you might choose can be useful in different types of costume parties, prom nights, birthday themed parties, and other themed-events. Even in theatrical plays and costume competitions, fancy dresses are very much in demand. So if you are planning to buy one, make sure you have other occasions to use it for.

Most of the fancy dress ideas come from characters involved in history, movies, classical books, fairy tales, cartoons, and adventure stories. You can copy their outfits for your costumes or you can also go adventurous with your fancy dress by going different and designing your own unique set of fancy dress for the event.

For kids who are so excited to wear such fancy dresses for a competition or any kind of party, the parents are the ones who get to face the challenge since choosing a fancy dress for the little ones could be so difficult, especially if you are aiming to get the first prize. Although most fancy dresses that are available for little kids are usually from cartoon character ideas, there are still other available options if you prefer to look unfamiliar.

For teens to adults, most of the fancy dresses are character inspired as well, but there are still some people with creative and innovative minds that create unique designs for their own fancy dress.

If you are in need of a fancy dress for an upcoming event, whether it is a party or a competition, you can always create your own dress. But if you have no enough time to do it yourself, you can hire a costume or you can buy one. Many costume shops in Sydney offer their fancy dresses at affordable prices for hire or for rent. You can choose one that will suit the event you are going to attend to.

If you prefer to buy your fancy dress, you have to consider what type of theme the party is based, or if this is intended for a competition, you should know what theme you are trying to portray. If the theme idea is something unique or authentic, buying fancy dress on a tight budget would not be enough; you still have to further improve the design yourself based on your theme and creations.

If the costume is for ordinary themed-party only, you can hire fancy dresses at any costume shops near you. This option is more convenient for you since the design is already there and you will only need to pay for it and return it after the event. But before hiring a fancy dress, make sure you get the right size fit for you body to avoid problems. You should also check if the dress has no torn parts so you would not be accountable if ever you returned it damaged.

For all your fancy dress needs, Sydney has all the best costume shops where you can get your preferred designs. You can search for the shops online or visit the stores personally so you can compare designs and prices for your convenience and satisfaction. You will get the fancy dress at a fair price you can afford. Now you can enjoy any themed-party or competitions that require costumes without hurting your budget too much.

Andrew is a writer for various websites across different themes and enjoys writing as a freelancer. For more information on
fancy dress costume hire sydney please go here.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Can You Improve Your Technical Writing by Creating an Office Safety Manual

Can You Improve Your Technical Writing by Creating an Office Safety Manual?

Whether youre just starting a new company, have invested in a new piece of equipment, or have to adapt to new regulatory standards, eventually youll likely be faced with the task of writing an office safety manual.

We know that this kind of technical writing can be a serious challenge.

But the truth is, it often isnt as difficult as you might think.

So, how can you strike the perfect balance between a technical and personal tone, and how can you learn about the safety topics you need to cover?

Keep on reading this post to find out.

Technical Writing Tips

We know that it can sometimes be tough to learn how to break down complicated safety topics for office workers in plain English.

Lets talk about how you can make that happen when youre writing your own safety manual.

Above all, remember to keep it simple, and look for opportunities to have fun!

Start with a Story

Lets face it: technical writing can get boring pretty quickly if you dont approach it in the right way.

Instead of throwing a bunch of complicated terms and regulations at your reader?

Why not start every topic by telling a simple story?

You can write about a fictional accident that happened at a workplace. Then, you can begin to discuss the ways in which it could have been prevented. You can also write about the consequences of an accident.

Make it personal, keep your tone casual, and try to use language that is as simple as is possible.

Get Specific

Youll have a much easier time mastering technical writing if you focus on creating several smaller chapters and subchapters, as opposed to covering everything about a topic in one place.

For example, lets say you want to write about workplace fires.

Break up the chapter into smaller sections.

These sections can include things like how often to change a smoke detector battery, how to test a smoke detector, the signs of a fire, and how to create an exit plan for your team. It can also include information on how to properly conduct a fire drill.

Use Illustrations When You Can

Finally, especially when youre covering more technical topics, were certain that relying on illustrations and diagrams will make things clearer for everyone.

Whenever possible, you can also include graphics that condense the most important information into a more visible sidebar.

You can use graphics to talk about specific parts of a machine, parts of a body, and much more. You can also include resources and links to videos that offer more visual aid regarding the concepts youre trying to explain.

Get Certification Training

Another awesome way to make certain youre creating the right kinds of workplace safety messages for your manual?

We strongly suggest that you get some sort of safety certification.

First of all, depending on the country or state in which you live, this type of certification may be required in order for you to write a manual on office safety.

But even if its not, its still a smart idea to have it.

Youll learn the more technical side of safety topics, like dangerous chemical interactions, how to operate a forklift, and more. There are even specific certifications that are geared towards the safety needs of different industries.

You can learn more here about how to get WHMIS safety training certification in Canada.

Office Safety Tips to Include in Your Manual

Now that weve talked about a few of the ways you can improve your technical writing skills, lets briefly cover some of the office safety topics you might want to include in your manual.

You should cover how to prevent slip and fall accidents, which not only cause serious injuries in the workplace, but also lead to costly workers compensation payouts for employers.

For example, you could include a chapter that talks about the importance of eliminating clutter, installing the proper flooring and convex mirrors, and more.

Create a chapter on how to create an emergency preparedness plan for your whole team.

For example, if there is a fire, who is in charge of making sure everyone is out of your office? Who is in charge of dialing 911? Which of your team members will grab any important documents? Which exit path should your team members take?

Another aspect of office safety is, of course, to discuss how to properly use equipment.

What are the rules of use, the supervision required to use an object, and the procedures for turning equipment off and on every day?

Finally, also consider talking about ergonomic and physical health and safety.

Draw up a chapter on the importance of taking breaks from a screen, of standing up and taking walks throughout the day, and of eating healthy lunches and snacks.

Master Writing Your Office Safety Manual with These Tips

We hope that this post has helped you to better understand how to write an office safety manual while improving your technical writing skills in the process.

Its important to remember to break down complicated topics as simply as you can. You can do this by creating personas and through storytelling.

Also, consider getting some form of safety certification, so you know the office safety topics to include.

Looking for more advice on how to write the perfect content?

Be sure to check out our website to learn more about how to keep your content effective, on-brand, and of course, well-written.

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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Blogging - Freedom of Speech!

Blogging - Freedom of Speech!Do you know that our children's textbooks are being radically censored and facts are completely omitted? Do you care that the "politically correct" people have taken over our schools? Well, I for one do. It directly effects "freedom of speech", something the "politically correct" say they care about but are so afraid to offend anyone, words and facts of history are being changed.

Where does it stop? Do you know that you cannot even use terms like "waitress" or "waiter" because it's gender specific. They have created another word instead "waitron". These education boards all over the country have been neutering and re-writing the facts and words in our children's books and teaching this stuff to our children. This also goes on without the parent's knowledge.

There are groups trying to promote their personal ideology specifically the liberal left gay and lesbian groups. They are now demanding that kindergarden on up, should teach these social choices to everyone without the permission of the parents.

I do not want teachers to be teaching my 5 year old about sex of any kind. These are the teachings that should come from home. Our schools think that should have all rights to teach our children "their views" and do not consider the individual rights of the parents to raise their children as they choose.

When are parents and all people going to stand up to this intrusion on parents rights? I see this as another slap that harms the unity of the family. The family is where our children should learn the morals and values of the family. It should not be handed over to teachers who are given text books that are "censored" and re-written to promoted their agenda of "polical correctness".

Parents - Do something in you own districts to get this STOPPED and hopefully reverse the damage that has already occurred. Read the textbooks that your children are given to study and challenge the facts in those textbooks. Find out what the teachers are teaching your child by going to their classes. Do not let this moral degeneration continue.

Start blogging online to spread the word about this injustice to the family. You can learn how to blog on my website http://www.WorkOnlineBusinessReviews.com. Blogging online is one of the few places left where we still have the freedom of speech. Of coarse we don't want to be hateful or spead untruths but expressing your sincere opinions is still allowed online. Let's hope that is not taken away as the classroom of our children has been. Start your blog for free and learn how on my website.

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Best Examples On Technical Writing

Best Examples On Technical WritingTechnical writing is a method of researching and creating information about technical processes or products. That information can then be distributed to users as printed manuals or online guides so they can perform tasks.
Benefitting from Technical Writing Examples & Samples

The field of technical writing is growing vastly. A large number of reputable industries and organizations have a high demand for technical writers. If you are aspire to become a technical writer, you can hone your technical skills by going through technical writing examples.

You dont have to buy user manuals and resumes from anywhere; you can simply look out for examples in your home. For instance, the user manuals and instructions come with microwave ovens, DVD players, video games systems, television, air conditioners, laptops etc.
List of Technical Writing Examples

Definitions such as of sickle cell anemia, robotics.
Process Discussion such as environmental cycle, cardiac cycle
Comparisons such as of nuclear reactors.
Descriptions, for instance of wind mills, generators and primitive stone scraper
Feasibility Reports like those of Voice Recognition Software, UPS systems.
Progress reports. For example, Software development, database development
Application Letters such as Technical writer internee, Product Manager, Quality Assurance Manager
Complaint Letters. For example, Cosmetic problems, television problems, microwave problems
Instructions. For example, how to operate a Minolta Freedom 3 Camera, how to install windows XP, Using WS_FTP Pro for Windows etc
Proposals such as academic proposals, research proposals, corporate standard manuals.
Resumes. For example, Maintenance technician for high-tech systems, Project Manager, Technical Writer, LAN system administrator.

Job Requirement of Technical Writing

Technical writers explain technology and related ideas to technical and nontechnical audiences. This could mean, for example, telling a programmer how to use a software library or telling a consumer how to operate a television remote control.

The job of a technical writer is to design and write instructional guides and manuals for electrical appliances, mechanical tools and computer software applications and other products.
Technical Writing Tips for Effective Documentation

It is important that technical writers translate the complicated technical language to simple phrases so that consumers face no difficulty in buying and operating the products.

Examples of standard technical writing include car repair manuals, help text for database software and FAQs for troubleshooting cameras.
Benefitting from Technical Writing Examples & Samples

The field of technical writing is growing vastly. A large number of reputable industries and organizations have a high demand for technical writers. If you are aspire to become a technical writer, you can hone your technical skills by going through technical writing examples.

You dont have to buy user manuals and resumes from anywhere; you can simply look out for examples in your home. For instance, the user manuals and instructions come with microwave ovens, DVD players, video games systems, television, air conditioners, laptops etc.
Popular Technical Writing Examples

Here are a few examples of technical writing, which might be of considerable help for the novice tech writers.
Software UI Guide

After the recession, people have realized that any business or even a giant corporation can run in to trouble anytime. Risk Management Software UI, is designed to know financial risk in a better and constructive way. Its designed and written to make this interface user friendly. The manual is filled with easy functions on how to calculate and avoid financial risks when the market is down.

Haynes Auto Repair Manual

If you are an automobile freak, you must be knowing about Haynes auto repair manual. The Haynes auto repair manual is one of the finest and the best technical writing examples available. They make complicated and dangerous auto repair procedures clear, so that you dont have to rush to a garage every time. This book is built in chronological order from simple to complex procedures and also has illustrations showing each parts repair process. Always buy a Haynes manual, when you buy a new car. I am sure it would help you out in future in a case of emergency.

Author's Bio: 

This article has been posted by Feisty Ash. Log on to www.writeawriting.com to read on technical writing examples.

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Automatic Ebook Writing Software Released

Automatic Ebook Writing Software ReleasedSANE-GEN (Automated Niche eBook Generator)
SANE-GEN, an Automated eBook and Report Generation Tool capable of retrieving the latest, most talked-about information pertaining to any chosen niche market, and then professionally crafting "Free Reports", eBooks and customized Opt-in Pages (or "Squeeze Pages") for the said niche market, at the very click of a button, is the latest robust addition to the already powerful arsenal of Internet Marketing tools that The Internet Time Machine has boasted of since early 2010.
Internet Marketers all over the world are always looking to deploy products in existing or new and trending niche markets. The task of deploying a new product or building a subscriber base for a new or existing niche market consists of the following basic steps on the part of the Internet Marketer conducting the project:

1.Finding the Niche Market itself, a task that requires weeks, months and possibly years of market investigation.2.Researching the Niche Market to establish Consumer Demand and Product Supply, levels of product saturation (are there already some or more than just some products out there catering to this niche market), Advertiser Competition, Search Volume (are people looking for the product on search engines) and MOST IMPORTANTLY, "Mentions Volume", i.e. Are people actually talking about the niche market, and as a result, indirectly forming social groups of consumers who are going to need products in this niche market.3.Keyword Research for the niche market decided upon, and the development of products to suit niche consumer demand.4.And finally, development of promotional materials such as Introductory Reports and subscriber opt-in pages attempting to convince niche consumers of how they can benefit from the products developed in Step (3), providing these Introductory Reports, more popularly known as "Free Reports" in the Internet Marketing world, as proof of concept as well as a statement of benefits to the consumer as a result of subscribing to the program.
The Internet Time Machine has set itself a place in Internet Marketing history by not only providing its members with access to a complex Text Analytics & Market Classification Platform in the form of The Internet Time Machine Platinum User Interface, that studies over 60,000,000 sources of consumer data online (e.g. Blogs, Forums, News portals, Public Mailing Lists, IRC Channels, Polls, etc.) and discovers new trending niche markets based on what people are talking about and the inherent "sentiment" of all consumer conversations that are discovered by the ITM every day, and provides carefully analysed "Niche Keywords" as a result.
This allows Step (1) above to be executed by Internet Marketers in record time. The ITM brings information pertaining to new niche markets TO its users, allowing them to immediately dive into Steps (2) and (3) using those niche keywords, and develop products for the trending market in question. A procedure that previously took, on average, many months to achieve, was reduced in January 2010 to simply logging into the ITM and selecting Niche Markets of one's choice, when The Internet Time Machine was officially launched and made available to the public.
Step (4) however, is what requires a lot pain-staking effort on the part of Internet Marketers and Copy-Writers. Reports need to be written on most occasions to allow niche consumers to see the benefits of the new products that have been developed.
This means that a lot of content needs to go into these reports that has nothing to do with the product features, but discusses the actual need for a product in the niche market itself.
Well-written, subject-driven, precise content in a Free Report is ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL. It's what makes or breaks the path of a prospect to the product Sales Funnel.
The content in a report speaks on the subject, brings various different points of view, problems, case studies and proposed solutions to the reader, and it is only when this task has been achieved, can niche consumers be convinced of how the product(s) developed by the Internet Marketer could benefit them, how much it costs to acquire them, etc.
THIS is where SANE-GEN comes into the picture.

SANE-GEN accomplishes (7) by taking the most relevant titles and sentences from the selected content pieces, something Internet Marketers would otherwise do manually and spend days completing the report.

Though the focus of this narrative has been on the creation of "Free Reports", SANE-GEN can also be used for the purposes of quickly creating eBooks for any chosen niche market.
SANE-GEN is undoubtedly the most powerful asset in any Internet Marketer's arsenal of tools, and allows anyone to set the tone for a product launch, by making it extremely fast to produce the PRE-LAUNCH promotional materials.

As of July, 2010, all Internet Time Machine Platinum and Gold Members will have Free Access to SANE-GEN, which is also going up for sale to the public at $499.99 USD per download in the 4th Week of the month.

Your Gold and Platinum membership to The Internet Time Machine also include SANE-GEN software use as well as our in-house email list builder SECPON.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Article Marketing For Beginners

Article Marketing For BeginnersArticle marketing is for some, the one and only technique that beginners use to generate free traffic to their site. I happen to agree because if you like to write, it's a perfect avenue to consider for attracting visitors. Of course, many people don't use writing just to generate site traffic, but instead simply do so in order to inform like minded people of their expertise on a given subject. For whatever reason you write, knowing the correct way to get your point across is important if you want to gain maximum exposure. Hopefully, after reading this, you will go away with at least a basic understanding of article marketing for beginners and how to get started.

As I said, if you like to write, article marketing is the perfect way to get visitors to your site. For article marketing newbies, this might be easier said than done. You might be asking yourself, "just what do I write about?" To that, I would say, "anything!" Ok, that's a pretty general answer and it could mean just about anything (no pun intended). Instead, I suggest that you first find a niche, create a list of keywords, write articles of approximately 400-500 words each that contain those same keywords, then publish your new article to your favorite directory. Sounds simple, doesn't it? Well, it is once you get to know your way around.

Below are some basic steps you can follow that will help you get started going in the right direction.

1. Determine what you are best at. I think it's best if you can write about what you know and in a way that's interesting and helpful. This way, you will eventually be regarded as an expert in your field and people will be interested in what you have to say. People buy from people they trust!

2. Research keywords in your niche. A niche is an area within a broader subject that is popular and may be little known, or not heavily searched on. For example, in the weight loss niche, "how to lose belly fat," is a niche.

3. Make sure to use keywords as best you can within the title of the article. This is good for SEO (search engine optimization). Also, you should end up with a keyword density of approximately 1-2% of the total word count of your article. Any more than this and you might be tagged for keyword spamming. That is, jamming your articles with too many keywords just to get listed higher in the search engine results pages (SERPS) for those keywords. If this happens, good bye ranking! As I said, just keep the density to 1-2% and you should be fine.

4. If you are serious about article marketing, and especially if you are an article marketing newbie, be sure to keep your action consistent. Two articles a day, five days a week is a good goal to shoot for. You will find that your first articles take longer (much longer) than you originally thought. However, as you write more and become more proficient, that time will be drastically shorter - in the range of one or two articles per hour, minimum.

5. After you have written your masterpiece, the next step is to submit it to your favorite directory. Personally, I use Ezinearticles. They get a ton of hits and they are very well respected in the article marketing community. Just sign up with them (for free) and start writing!

NOTE: If you plan to earn money from your writing, don't forget to include a link to your offer within your resource box!

6. REPEAT, REPEAT, REPEAT!! Remember, be consistent!

Hopefully, you now have enough knowledge to start on your way to article marketing success! However, I've only scratched the proverbial surface when it comes to Internet marketing. Learn article marketing and much more at Wealthy Days!

See, I told you it was simple!

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

APA Style of Documentation Made Easy

APA Style of Documentation Made EasyThe APA format is the short form of American Psychological Association writing style, and this has been formulated to cite sources in psychology and certain types of science documentation. The documentation style is very rigorous and is a being implemented with severs other disciplines like medicine and education.

The specification of the APA format is very difficult to document but a few important ones can be discussed here. The American psychological format requires in text citations in the form of parenthesis to credit the author.

The parenthesis should include the author's name as well as the publication date. And if no information is available 'n.d' must be written there. Footnotes form an important feature of academic papers written according to the APA format. Today, footnotes are being applied commonly. This is in high contrast to earlier times, when footnotes were the only citation source. Today authors are required to have knowledge about footnotes in case they are asked to include it in their academic papers. Endnotes are very similar to footnotes. In fact they are can be considered as a n extension to footnotes. These; provide information about the sources of the text. In this case, all the references are required to be represented on the last paper at the end of the book. The bibliography is extremely important as it represented, including all the links that have been used to produce the paper under consideration. All the sources must consist of the author s name, title, place and date of publication. The entries must be put in alphabetical order. The According to APA formatting they must be punctuated, indented and styled according to specific rules and regulations.

Why do we need APA format? The main motive behind APA formatting style is the need to provide structure which will lead to a logical representation of ideas in an essay. There are different ways of representing an essay in the APA format. However the main concern here is the referencing aspect. The writer is required to follow some e basic principles of referencing. Each set of quotations; paraphrase must be essentially referenced according to the APA format style. The pagination must be done correctly with the title on the first page and abstract on the next page and the main essay on the third page. The ending should essentially contain a bibliography. Therefore APA format essentially requires the writer to write in a systematic format.

Monday, October 1, 2018

An Introduction to eBay

An Introduction to eBayThe majority of people in the world today have used eBay to either buy or sell goods. The fact of the matter is that since eBay became known world wide it has drawn in millions of satisfied buyers and sellers. And working to eBays advantage is the fact that there is not too much competition in this industry. When it comes down to it eBay is an online site that brings buyers and sellers together so that they can buy and sell goods on a world wide level. This concept has changed the way that people from all over do business.
If eBay sounds interesting to you there are some things that you need to be aware of before you get started. In order to get a good feel as to what eBay is all about you should search the site. And do more than just look it over a bit. There are many links that you can check out in order to get an idea of what is going on. These links will give you information on what you can and cannot do on the site, as well as how to get started. By doing this research you will be able to get started and ensure that you get the most out of your experience.

In addition to learning all of the rules that go along with doing business on eBay, you will also want to become very familiar with the fee structure that they use. This is important to know because eBay has undergone great scrutiny in recent years due to all of the pricing changes they have made. You will want to know how much money eBay is going to take from you as a seller, as well as what you can do in order to ensure that you still make a reasonable profit.

As a buyer on eBay you have less to worry about than if you are a seller. If you are going to be buying items all you need to worry about is finding what you want, and then arranging for shipping and payment. This will allow you to complete any transaction that you wish without having to go through any hoops to do so.

On the other hand if you are going to sell items on eBay there are a few more details to soak up before you get started. One of the most important details is knowing how to list items on the site. This means that you will have to learn how to write good descriptions and take good pictures. In addition, setting your prices is also a very important aspect of selling on eBay. Every price that you set is subject to a listing fee, and you will also have to pay a final value fee when you make a sale. Even though it may seem like selling on eBay is a long process, you should not be worried. The eBay system is easy to use, and you will pick up on it in no time.

Overall, eBay is a great place to either buy or sell a variety of items. eBay has revolutionized the world by brining together buyers and sellers from all over the world. If you have never used eBay in the past you may want to look into the advantages of doing so.

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Sunday, September 30, 2018

Advantages of Independent Travel

Advantages of Independent TravelThere is a changing tide in the travel industry. Traditionally massive package holiday companies have block booked villas, hotels, flights, tours and coach transfers from and to the airport. Every detail of ones holiday was catered for by the tour operator. Two weeks in July with bacon and eggs by the pool. The situation is however changing and the trend is towards independent travel.

The independent traveler is on the scene and with the arrival and growth of the internet individuals no longer need accept a tin sardine holiday. Low cost airlines have made it possible for individuals to make huge savings on flights especially by booking mid week and at least two weeks in advance. There has been more and more one way tickets purchased. The modern traveler wants more flexibility and will often extend or shorten their trips depending on how much they are enjoying themselves.

The reliance on packaged holidays has caused severe pressures on the infrastructure and environment of holiday hot spots like the Algarve and Majorca, Spain. Their ability to monopolise the accommodation market and dictate pricing has not only created ghost towns that are virtually deserted for most of the year, it has also conned thousands of people with misleading real estate opportunities and created a housing bubble and surplus as well as unnecessarily spoiling miles of coastline.

Taking an independent holiday and renting holiday villas directly from the owner of the property has major advantages over the package holiday trap. There are fewer middle men taking their hefty commissions for renting the villa, apartment or hotel room to you. Often these savings are passed on meaning your holiday can be cheaper. You get to choose exactly which property you are renting. Rather than rely on massive companies often poor investigation and selection procedures you can personally speak with the owner of a rental property and satisfy yourself that the arangement is of superior value and high standard.

You have more freedom to roam, to stay in more than one rental property or to travel around and discover rural hotels and get off the beaten path. The trend towards independent travel has colossal benefits for the environment and local economies. Instead of profits being siphoned off into the already inflated bank accounts of mammoth corporations, small businesses and the local economy get a bigger slice of the pie. The season is extended as independent travelers take advantage of lower prices and less competition in the shoulder and low seasons.

Independent holiday makers travel further afield and to more diverse locations off the beaten path. Instead of large concentrations of people arriving in a single location in July or August the independent traveler will venture elsewhere reducing the environmental footprint and helping the economies of more rural economies.

In the traditional package holiday situation tradition and culture were at best artificial spectacles such as a flamenco night in Tenerife and at worst local people have felt exploited and tourists unwelcome. The mammoth companies keep sending the tourists and in locations such as Majorca where the package still rules restaurant proprietors needn't worry about reputation or providing value for money because tomorrow a new load of pale faced tourists will be arriving.

With independent travel one is free. Free to choose, free to move, free to travel onwards, to follow ones intuition, to enjoy and interact with the local people, to see the real culture and to travel in a more environmentally sustainable way that benefits the local people and their economy.

Friday, September 28, 2018

A Procrastinators Guide to Improving Time Management Skills

A Procrastinators Guide to Improving Time Management SkillsDo you identify with the 20 percent of people who consider themselves to be procrastinators? Procrastination is simply a strategy of avoidance.

There are only so many hours in the day to get stuff done, and for a procrastinator, getting motivated can be difficult because we always say, Ill do it tomorrow or it can be done later.

STOP doing this! Here are some tips, tricks, and techniques thatll whip your time management skills into shape!

Write Goals for the Day

Its hard to stay organized to get things done when you dont know what you want to do. Give yourself a deadline. Any goal without a deadline can easily be pushed aside.

You can also set reminders on your phone or computer for your goals to check in at some point during the day. Make sure your goals are attainable. You can also create a goal for each category home, personal, and work.

If your goal is a big, break it down into small tasks. You can easily be overwhelmed if the goal seems too much. You need actionable items you can check off.

Prioritize Your List

Now that you have your goals for the day, you need to figure out which is the most important. Start with the most important task on your list to make sure you get it done. The most important task may be your hardest task of the day and it will be out of the way!

Avoid Multi-Tasking

Even though you may think you are getting more done when you multitask, it may not be the most efficient way. We work better when we can concentrate on one thing. No one wants to feel pulled in many directions.

Time Management Skills and Tracking Your Day

If you feel like you dont know where the time goes in the day, take notes. You can see what eats up most of your time. Review your productivity and see where you need to improve.

Find out if you have any time wasters. Take a look at your findings and mark which things you do are unproductive versus productive.

You can also put together a schedule to help you maximize your time. See more on how to keep track of your time.

Reward Yourself

You may find more motivation if there is a reward. Set up a reward system to help you celebrate small wins. It doesnt have to be big, but you are trying to break a bad habit so you deserve a little something when you do.

Eliminate Distractions

You dont always have to answer an email just because it came in. Dont instantly stop what you are doing if you are on a roll. Schedule time to return phone calls and answer emails.

Distractions can eat up a lot of your time. Set limits on other forms of distractions like social media and your phone.

Delegate When Needed

Dont take on more than you can handle. Ask for help its not a weakness! You will be less stressed and can be more productive.

Take a Break

Set up small breaks throughout the day. These breaks can be as short as 5 minutes to help keep your mind sharp and prevent fatigue.

Need More Ideas?

Are you a writer looking to improve your time management skills? Check out ArticleCitys article on how to create a writing schedule.

There are several articles to help you with your lifestyle, travel, business, and how to deal with stress.

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